Why Choose Trifecta Services Company?

Commitment to Safety

Safety is our culture. At Trifecta we are proud of our safety record and are committed to a philosophy that a project is only successful if it is completed injury free.

Turn-Key Services

Trifecta is your single-source contractor for demolition, decommissioning, environmental remediation, asset recovery and site work. By streamlining your administrative functions and field operations, we can reduce your coordination and cost expenditures.

State-of-the-art Practices

When you contract with Trifecta you can rest assured that you are getting a company that is going to use the most technologically advanced methodology to perform a safe and efficient project.

At Trifecta Services Company we believe in working with the client to support their needs in order to forge long-term business relationships rather than seeking short-term gains. The idea was to bring the best practices throughout the industry to one company in order to provide the highest quality of service to our clientele in the safest fashion. Trifecta Services Company is founded on these principles.


Karan S. Shah


Karan “Sam” Shah has close to 10 years of construction industry experience in various roles including sales, operations, project management, purchasing, scrap recovery and recycling. Mr. Shah’s long experience in the industry and wide network of contacts amongst subcontractors, vendors and suppliers contribute to Trifecta’s ability to offer its clients the best means, methods and approach to any project. Mr. Shah has been president since Trifecta’s inception.

Ryan J. Sensale

Vice President, Operations

Ryan Sensale has 11 years in the industry and has been a responsible party for the successful completion of 500 plus projects. These projects have ranged in size and scope from small house demolitions and remodels to commercial, educational and hospital building demolition and environmental work, all the way up to industrial plant closures and decommissioning.

Mark Lee

Vice President

Through the almost 19 years in the demolition and remediation industry Mr. Lee has held positions in every facet of the business, including; project management, procurement, estimating and office over site. His wide range of talents and vast experience make him an invaluable asset to clients to handle all of their project needs.



Asbestos, Lead, Pollution and General Liability:

  • Limits:
    • $1 million per occurrence
    • $2 million aggregate (aggregate applies per project)

Worker's Compensation/Employer’s Liability:

  • Limits: Statutory limits for Workers Compensation      
    • $1 million Employer’s Liability

Contractors Pollution Liability

  • Limits: $1 million per occurrence, $1 million aggregate (aggregate applies per project)


  • Limits: $1 million (any auto)

Umbrella Liability (first layer)

  • Limits: $15 million per occurrence, $15 million aggregate


Trifecta Services Company is currently a licensed in Alabama, California, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi, Nevada, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Texas, Virginia, West Virginia, and Washington as a Prime Contractor.

Single-Source Contracting

Trifecta offers a turnkey-approach to contracting, providing all the services you need for decommissioning, environmental remediation, demolition and site work. Trifecta’s management team is experienced in all industry sectors and has successfully completed projects in industrial facilities, schools, hospitals, universities, as well as other commercial and residential development projects. Trifecta’s ability to perform multiple services on a project streamlines administrative and field operations to reduce coordination efforts to effectively reduce your costs. Trifecta specializes in providing its clients valued engineering options for their projects. This ability coupled with our turn-key service separates us as an elite option for your demolition and remediation needs.


Providing turn-key services for both demolition and hazardous material remediation positions Trifecta to be the leading candidate for your decommissioning and redevelopment needs. We have a wide range of capabilities that are adaptable to fit the specific project requirements. These capabilities include:

  • Crane and Rigging
  • Dismantling
  • Total or partial building demo
  • Asset Recovery
  • Interior or soft building demolition
  • Foundation/sub-grade demolition and excavation
  • Site restoration


Trifecta has a strong understanding of the environmental, regulatory and client specific issues that need to be addressed for all demolition projects. Our team has the experience necessary to tackle these issued head on. Our clients can expect to receive site-specific, comprehensive work plans to include site specific health and safety plans, scheduling, value engineering and an agency interface all developed and tailored to meet your specific needs. Trifecta incorporates the latest industry methodologies and most advanced technologies to stay ahead of the industry’s changing regulations.


Asbestos Abatement

Trifecta has experience in all phases of asbestos-related construction and demolition, including complete removal, encapsulation, enclosure and repair. We have successfully completed projects in all industry sectors including residential, commercial, hospitals, schools, and industrial plants.

Lead Abatement

As public awareness of lead danger has increased, Trifecta has expanded its teams and is able to handle any size lead remediation project. Whether the project requires complete removal, component removal or removal of loose and flaking lead paint followed by encapsulation, Trifecta uses the safest, most cost-effective techniques and highly trained staff to complete the job.

Mold Abatement

Our experienced and trained staff can isolate contaminated areas and either treat the microbial growth or remove impacted material.


Trifecta is equipped to remove PCB’s, mercury, chlorofluorocarbons (CFC’s), industrial gases, petroleum hydrocarbons, pollutants and contaminated soils from industrial and commercial sites. We also perform underground storage tank (UST) removal and closure as well as above ground storage tank removal (AST) in occupied and unoccupied sites.

There is certainly a public sensitivity that goes along with this work, we are conscious of this and are committed to maintaining a low profile in order to avoid unwanted publicity, while working efficiently to meet clients scheduling, safety, and budgetary expectations.


The US Green Building Council developed the LEED Program or; Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, in order to divert construction, demolition, packaging, and land-clearing debris from disposal in landfills or incinerators; to redirect recovered resources back to the manufacturing process; and to redirect reusable materials to appropriate sites.

As part of its strong commitment to the environment, Trifecta recycles or salvages non-hazardous construction and demolition debris as part of a construction waste management plan, transforming the majority of debris into reusable materials. Besides reducing the amount of waste from construction sites going into landfills, the LEED system also gives Trifecta the opportunity to provide revenue-generating opportunities to our clients.

Trifecta’s management team has successfully completed hundreds of projects over their time in the industry. From; airports to hospitals to old textile mill renovations to power plants and industrial manufacturing facilities. This broad range of experience contributes to the companies overall expertise in the industry.

We are extremely proud of out ability to complete projects effectively and on time. We understand that in order to complete a project successfully, it has to be completed safely and we pride ourselves on out low EMR.

Project Profile – UNC Medical Education Building

Chapel Hill, NC

Demolition and Abatement

Contract Value - $3,000,000

Scope: Total demolition and environmental abatement of nine story building.

  • Conventionally wrecked high rise building with ultra-high-reach demolition machines with specialty attachments
  • Environmental scope included asbestos, mercury and pcp contaminants.
  • Logistic interaction of soil nailing and demolition to preserve integrity of existing building retaining walls during demo of the basements

Project Profile – 5th & Broadway Convention Center

Nashville, TN


Contract Value: $2,600,000

Scope: Total demolition of 200,000 sf convention hall attached to fully operational 35-story hotel

  • Conventionally wrecked in one of the busiest intersections in nashville.
  • Included the demolition of a 110 ft tall tower.
  • Extreme dense urban area with close proximity to the public and adjacent occupied buildings

Project Profile – CLP Big Brown

Fairfield, TX

Demolition and Abatement

Contract Value: $12,000,000

Scope: Total demolition and environmental abatement of entire facility

  • EXPLOSIVE Demolition and abatement of 2- 450 megawatt generators and associated 225ft tall boilers.
  • Explosive demolition of 2-400ft tall stacks.
  • Anticipate 40,000 tons of steel to be recycled

Project Profile – Kell Hall

Georgia State University

Demolition and Infrastructure

Contract Value: $6,500,000

Scope: Total demolition of multistory building prior to introducing green space on campus. Project included environmental abatement demolition and hazardous waste removal

  • Conventionally wrecked high rise demolition within dense university setting.
  • The structures were confined by occupied adjacent multi story campus buildings.

Project Profile – Quick Trip

In order for construction of a new Quick Trip facility in Charlotte, NC, 2 commercial warehouses totaling needed to be demolished. The project consisted of 35,000sf of building and slab demolition as well as the removal of 60,000sf of asphalt parking lot removal.

  • 35,000sf commercial offices and warehouses
  • 35,000sf of slab and foundation removal
  • 60,000sf of asphalt parking lot removal
  • Permitting

Project Profile – Dominion Power – Turbine Deck Demo

A Dominion Power facility located in Gormania, WV was in the process of being dismantled so that it could be relocated and reassembled in Georgia. In order for the structural steel to be dismantled, the concrete turbine deck had to be demolished. The deck consisted of 13,000sf of elevated reinforced concrete on metal decking. Care had to be take during the demolition process to not damage the supporting beams.

  • 13,500sf of elevated concrete on metal decking
  • 4 CMU build out control rooms
  • Left structural beams in tact for dismantling and re-use

Project Profile – Automotive Manufacturing Paint Shop Up-fit

In preparation for production of a new vehicle line-up, facilities at a major international automotive manufacturer required renovation work to its current paint shop to to add a second production line to the plant. In order to not impact current production, work negative pressure dust containments were built and work was completed during plant shut down periods. Trifecta successfully demolished 4200sf of concrete slab in various levels and locations throughout the plant, 2,000sf of an elevated mezzanine was saw cut and removed while protecting the existing floor to and building to remain.

  • 4,200sf of concrete removal
  • 150 cy of engineered compaction removal
  • 2,000sf of elevated mezzanine and structural steel removal

Project Profile – Alcoa – Scrubber Tower Demolition

At Alcoa’s curtailed Rockdale facility some unused scrubbers towers were deteriorating and their structural stability was being compromised. Trifecta was asked to safely demolish the towers, with out damaging the existing surrounding buildings. The towers sat on top of a 12’ concrete pedestal and reached an elevation of 65’. Each tower had a fiberglass cap weighing 6,500 lbs.

  • Twelve 65’ tall wooden scrubber towers with fiberglass caps and associated cat walks.

Project Profile – Manufacturing – Dust Barrier

Installation Installation of dust barriers for construction and renovation work in operational facilities. Walls can be installed of custom materials to meet clients needs:

  • Variety of thickness (2-10mil)
  • Reinforcing
  • Flame Retardant
  • Anti–Static
  • Anti– Microbial

Project Profile - Commercial Office & Warehouse Space

To commence the second phase of 1305 Central apartment expansion and existing office and warehouse space required demolition. The project consisted of 20,000sf of CMU and steel construction building with office built out offices throughout the interior. The project took place on an already active construction site with multiple trades. Demolition of old building was in tight proximity to new construction. Trifecta finished the project a week ahead of schedule while allowing new construction to continue unhindered.

  • 20,000sf commercial offices and warehouses
  • Permitting PROJECT PROFILE

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